Sunday, February 13, 2011

High End!

The other night I was invited to come out to EarHead Audio by owner Frank Diaz to sample some high end audio equipment and turntables. I grabbed about 20 LPs of different genera to sample his system and headed out to Earhead. When I arrived I was greeted by Frank with a very warm welcome and one amazing espresso. We started of with cleaning of two of my records with one of his record cleaning machines that he carries. The whole process was really thorough and fairly simple and the records came out shining. On to the listening room! We get in the room and it was just perfect! There wasn't any flashy lights or crazy walls of gear, just simple perfection! Frank walked me through the various levels of his high end equipment from one off tube amps to very simple but of best quality components. Then on to what I came for TURNTABLES!! He has a few to offer at a very reasonable pice. So after checking out all of this and talking cost I wanted to hear what all of this had to offer. So over the next five hours my ears and mind traveled to sonic NIRVANA! I tell you I have to have one of those rooms for myself one day! but first I think I need to upgrade my amp. So if you want to own some equipment that will change your life and the way you listen to vinyl or whatever you have call up Frank and tell him Chester sent you.


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